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    Living Branch Community Fellowship is a relatively young gathering of Jesus followers and seekers in the Denver metropolitan area. Born out of the heart of a few families meeting in the living room of Steve and Jamie Scott, Living Branch has sought to know God better, and to make Him known to others. In August of 2004, we began to look for a place that we could grow and better reach each and every member of our families and communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    In June of 2005, God lead us to the property we now call home. Having served as a Christian Fellowship in the Community for over 50 years, the corner of Fox and Tufts is well known in our neighborhood, and now it is becoming known as a place where things are happening.

    We would like to ask you to pray for us as we seek the Lord's will and provision as we place ourselves here, right in the middle of God's will. Although both buildings are well over 50 years old, they are in good structural shape. We estimate that with the purchase price and the necessary upgrades and repairs, we are looking at around $350,000.00. Although this amount might look like a lot of money, here in the Denver metropolitan area, it isn't really. And the fact that we are aware that God not only owns the cattle of 1000 hills, but that He also owns the hills, we are confident that He will provide.

    So first, we would ask you for your prayers. We would like for you to ask God to give us wisdom and guidance. In the eight years since we moved here we have and are seeing hearts touched and lives changed. God is using a small group of Jesus Followers to touch a very large metropolitan area. We believe that God has great plans for us.

    So what's so amazing about that? Living Branch Community Fellowship is a Church started by 4 Him Ministries and only consist of 22 members. 22 people of whom are mostly working class and retired. 22 people that have banned together with the idea that in a Church, people are supposed to be more important that programs, and lives are more valuable than land. So we have committed the greatest part of our budget to that endeavor, people. 

    How can you help? You can pray! You can pray and ask God to lead His people to follow His will. That is what the "workers for the harvest" is all about. Pray that God will raise up His people to meet our needs. Nearly every week we have new opportunities to minister to people in need. Homeless, those that have recently been released from prison, those that are struggling with drugs or alcohol, those that are struggling with the scars of an abusive past, and those that have been traumatized by churches that were more concerned with tradition than pleasing God.

    If God would lead you, you could give of your time, money , or resources to help in His ministry. Living Branch is a non-profit religious organization registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. We are a 501 (c) 3 corporation. All gifts and donations to this ministry are tax deductible. We are believing for God to continue to meet our needs in the miraculous way that He already has. Is He calling you to be a part of this miraculous work?

    Please feel free to contact us by mail at 4619 S. Fox St., Englewood, CO. 80110, or by email at, or by phone at (720) 435-5216. Pastor Steve Scott would be glad to discuss with you any of the plans or ministries we are now undertaking or plan to in the future. But most of all, we thank you for your prayers.

    Please check back soon and frequently as this page will be taking on a new look and adventures regularly in the near future.

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