All over the world there are companies, corporation, ministries and volunteers that are striving everyday to meet the needs of those around them and around the globe. Whether you live in the mountains of Colorado, the vast cities of Texas, smaller communities of Arizona, or by the rivers of Indiana, you're not far from somebody who loves you and desires greatly to walk along side of you in life.

    Here on the "More" page, we have made spaces available to make you more aware of the many people and organizations out there. If you would like to place a link to your web site, or contact information for your business, please drop us a note at  with a brief description of your business, purposes, and other vital information. We will be glad to take a look at it and see if it agrees with our purposes and statements. In the meantime, enjoy the information posted here for your browsing.


Neutrality? ~ Is there really a neutral stance when it comes to Jesus? Read how Billy Graham answers this question.  

Bible Commentaries ~ A great collection of helpful websites in your quest for the truth.

Read the Bible ~ The most important things you can do all day is to spend time with God. Try starting here.